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Welcome to Astral!

Astral is a family. We will all become friends and have fun along the way as we move to the top.

As our guild progresses we will have many things to do. Current goals are:
  • Get guild up and running in Open Beta ASAP. [X] (First day. ;o)
  • Level 2. [X]
  • Level 3 [X]
  • Guild Base! [ ]

Level 3! Special thanks to neo and Chaos for getting us here! They bought a huge amount of glory coins and boosted us up to Level 3 before our target time!

*NOTE* (To all people waiting on joining guild) Post here. I will check that forum as soon as we level up and you will be first priority.
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Level!!@!@#!@ lol

FWFate, Mar 17, 11 3:27 PM.
Congrats on level 3 everyone! 45 more member slots open, guess I'll be using the last of those flutes everyone thinks I have over 9,000 of. Guild base after this; that's when it gets fun. 

Level 2!

FWFate, Mar 13, 11 3:06 AM.
Great job everyone, we're now level 2! This is a great accomplishment; now for level 3. 

Guild up and Running!

FWFate, Mar 10, 11 12:12 AM.
Got guild up! Goal met! Now for first level 2 guild. I want to see some hard work guys! I know we can do it. :) All old Astral members get in game and PM me, saving spots for you.

Open Beta Soon!

FWFate, Mar 3, 11 8:58 PM.
Open Beta starts March 9th! Make sure you're there! My main goal is to get the guild up so all of you can rejoin and we can have fun! 
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[Guild] Astral (Level 3) recruiting level 35+ friendly, active, English-speaking members that are knowledgeable about the game.
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